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Daisy Flower Extract




Packing : in 5 kg net jerrycan, or repack (minimum 100 gr)


Other name : Bellis Perennis Flower Extract


Description : brown liquid

  • Alpha Arbutin replacement

  • Less rebound effect than alpha arbutin

  • Used in skin-lightening cosmetics and in case of pigmentation disorders, hyperpigmentation or age spots

  • Non-irritant & anti-cancerogenic

  • Whitening with :

    • Produces a strong inhibitory effect on melanogenesis

    • Inhibits tyrosinase activity

    • Reduces tyrosinase synthesis by controlling its transcription

    • Reduces melanin-stimulating mediator endotheli

  • Halal certified by MUI

  • Ecocert certified

Daisy Flower Extract

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