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Lactic Acid 90% USP Grade




Packing : in 25 kg net jerrycan, or repack (minimum 100 gr)


Description : clear liquid


  • Produced by fermentation from sugar & using the most stringent purification techniques

  • Used to adjust the pH of cosmetic formulations & is particularly suitable for use in rinse-off feminine hygiene products for which the optimal pH is around 4-4.5

  • Suitable for skin care products with a high concentration of lactic acid & a pH between 3.5-4.0, necessary to achieve the most potent anti-aging effects

  • By stimulating exfoliation and cell renewal as well as providing moisturization, it provides anti-aging benefits & helps to obtain smoother, younger & brighter looking skin

  • Compared to other AHAs, L-Lactic Acid has the best therapeutic index (skin renewal versus possible irritation)

Lactic Acid

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