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Strawberry Extract - food grade




Packing : in 5 kg net jerrycan, or repack (minimum 100 ml)


Other name : Fragaria Vesca Fruit


Description : colorless to pale yellow, clear liquid


Functional Category : antioxidant, anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, removes acne & reducing oil, excellent skin cleanser, exfoliant, tightening pores, helps regenerate new cells, provides protection against pollution & free radicals, repairing skin damage, natural sunscreen, skin lightening, skin toner, softening, moisturizing, removes wrinkles & blemishes, treats under eye puffiness, healing wounds, prevents hair loss, promotes silky & shiny hair, natural conditioner, fights dandruff, boosts immune system, anti cancer, reduces cholesterol & hypertension, prevents heart disease


Applications : creams & lotions, hair care, skin care, personal care, anti-acne products, toner, face mask, shower & bath products, food scrub, food & beverages, confectionery


Strawberry Extract

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